DSCF0016I recently purchased this wide angle adapter lens because sometimes, it’s not possible to stand further back to get a wider shot.  This is especially true at family events where you want to capture those special moments in a single frame without having to constantly pan about the room.  Or if you’re traveling and you want to capture as much of the scenery as possible in a single shot, it would be nice if your camera has a wide-angle lens.  I got the Zi8 for it’s overall portability.  It is tiny when compared to my Canon HV20.  The tiny fixed lens of the Zi8 does not offer much versatility.  After searching online for a solution to this inconvenience, I stumbled upon a video that was made by stanovoy on youtube.  I saw the video he made with his Zi8 and this lens and knew I had to have it.

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The Kodak Zi8

October 27, 2009


Why I got it: I’m going to South Korea for Christmas.  I know I’m taking my large DSLR (it weighs over 4 lbs) and I figured I’d want to shoot some video at some point.   I currently own a Canon HV20.  Batteries + tapes + camcorder and case = more stuff to worry about.  I’m going to be packing light.  1 backpack and 1 small carry-on.  No high maintenance HV20 to complicate things please.  (The darn thing also takes 20 seconds to turn on, after 4 really loud and worrisome grinding noises near the lens. Basically, it sounds like it will explode every time I turn it on.)  The other passengers won’t be too happy when I turn the thing on in order to take HD video of the clouds @ 30,000 feet to post on Vimeo.  I got this camera because it’s small and the video it is capable of recording is not bad at all.

Suitable Standards: I’ve spoiled myself with cameras that have great lenses and great sensors.  My Fujifilm S2 Pro is capable of taking fantastic pictures and my HV20 can record super crisp HD video.  If I were to get a pocket camcorder, I expect decent video capture.  After considerable research, I settled on the Kodak Zi8.  I’ve considered the Flip pocket cam as well as the JVC PICSIO.   Read the rest of this entry »